Calculus Single and Multivariable

Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th EditionThe Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th Edition was created to give students a chance to gain a better grasp on mathematics. The designers of this textbook strived to create a book that would give students a deeper understanding of the mathematics field. There is a modern, and innovative, approach that is used to teach through this book. The creators were aware that there are different ways to learn. The book reaches out to all kinds of learning intelligence’s so that all students have a fair shot when moving throughout the course. The different mathematical learning approaches that are incorporated in the book are visual, numeral, verbal, and algebraic. One of the most valued features of this textbook is the Quick Check Exercise. This feature allows students to do a quick test of how well they understand the concepts in the completed chapters, before moving on. read more

Calculus Early Transcendentals eBook and textbook new edition

Calculus Early TranscendentalsWiley is now offering the new edition of a very interesting calculus textbook by the famed authors Howard Anton, Irl Bivens and Stephen Davis. This updated text is titled “Calculus Early Transcendentals 10th Edition.” The book has already received top reviews online because of its focus to help students and others develop a keener understanding of this somewhat difficult subject area of advanced mathematics. read more

Materials Science And Engineering eBook new edition

Callister Materials Science EngineeringWiley’s newest edition of their textbook entitled Fundamentals of The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 8th Edition still continues to take an integrated approach to learning when covering the topic of science and engineering concepts. In order to make learning about this topic more manageable this latest version discusses each structure, characteristics, as well as one property at a time. Overall, there are a total of three materials discussed: metal, ceramic, and polymeric substances. Breaking the topics down in this manner is effective in introducing the key concepts necessary in an engineering position, supporting the engineer’s job in selecting substances based upon their qualities. Non-metal materials are able to be appropriately introduced and concentrated on. read more