Calculus Single and Multivariable

Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th EditionThe Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th Edition was created to give students a chance to gain a better grasp on mathematics. The designers of this textbook strived to create a book that would give students a deeper understanding of the mathematics field. There is a modern, and innovative, approach that is used to teach through this book. The creators were aware that there are different ways to learn. The book reaches out to all kinds of learning intelligence’s so that all students have a fair shot when moving throughout the course. The different mathematical learning approaches that are incorporated in the book are visual, numeral, verbal, and algebraic. One of the most valued features of this textbook is the Quick Check Exercise. This feature allows students to do a quick test of how well they understand the concepts in the completed chapters, before moving on.


Another addition to this textbook is WileyPLUS. WileyPLUS allows users to access the textbook online. This online feature gives students a numerous amount of study tools. These tools can be used for extra practice, or for preparation for exams. Go Tutorial is one of the main components of WileyPlus. The questions in this component assist students in working through difficult problems by walking them step-by-step. There is help given if one becomes stuck moving through the problem. There are a large variety of questions asked, as well as quick responses so that students can get the most out of every study session.

Other Features of the Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th Edition

All of the problems that are presented in Decision Analysis for Management Judgement, 5th Edition are up-to-date and interesting. Students will not get bored with the content of the book. The “Rule of Four” method is used which means that the ideas, and concepts, presented are all given to students graphically, symbolically, verbally, and numerically. This ensures that the textbook caters to a wide range of learning styles. Drill Exercises are also incorporated in the book so that students can walk away from each section feeling more confine.


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E-Text Version of the Textbook

The textbook can be viewed a number of different ways. It can be accessed online, or offline. Readers can use a standard computer, smart phone, iPad, and any other kind of tablet. Any notes, or sections that are highlighted, are saved to each place that they can be accessed. When the E-Text version of the text is bought, it is the buyers forever. The E-Text is sold at fifty dollars.

The Authors

The authors of this textbook all received math degrees from top of the line schools in the country. There are a little more than twenty authors that made contributions to this textbook. Deborah Hughes-Hallett, William G. McCallum, Andrew M. Gleason et al.