Materials Science And Engineering eBook new edition

Callister Materials Science EngineeringWiley’s newest edition of their textbook entitled Fundamentals of The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 8th Edition still continues to take an integrated approach to learning when covering the topic of science and engineering concepts. In order to make learning about this topic more manageable this latest version discusses each structure, characteristics, as well as one property at a time. Overall, there are a total of three materials discussed: metal, ceramic, and polymeric substances. Breaking the topics down in this manner is effective in introducing the key concepts necessary in an engineering position, supporting the engineer’s job in selecting substances based upon their qualities. Non-metal materials are able to be appropriately introduced and concentrated on.

The textbook The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 8th Edition seeks to present students terminology as well as definitions that they are familiar with so that this text can be used with both students and instructors who may be unfamiliar with prior knowledge history of various materials discussed.

The Sciences

This newest fourth edition of Fundamentals of The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 8th Edition contains many new editions and added resources to help teach the material. For one, there have been several whole sections added to the text in order to make the textbook more comprehensive, including: “Diffusion in Semiconducting Materials”, “Flash Memory”, “Biodegradable and Bio-renewable Polymers/Plastics”, as well as a “Fundamentals of Engineering” component.

The fourth edition also includes homework questions at the end of each chapter that continues to reinforce what each student has learned in the proceeding chapter. This section is also helpful in that the questions prepared are similar to those that students will see when taking the Fundamentals of Engineering test in the future.

There is also a component referred to as “Math Skills Review” that can be accessed online via WileyPLUS. Authors of the textbook added this component in after hearing feedback from both students and instructors about what they find most difficult in learning in this subject. According to this feedback, many students have found it difficult to remember and apply mathematical concepts that they had learned in pre-requisite courses to the material presented. Authors have thus added in this resource as a form of remediation providing reading materials, homework questions, informational videos, and activities.

In addition, Wiley has also updated various sections found within the text to supplement any new data or models that have since been presented on this subject. There are also six chapters who have new added content that will not be found in earlier editions of this text.

Overall, Wiley’s Fundamentals of The Sciences: An Integrated Approach, 8th Edition seeks to present and teach students these concepts in the most comprehensive way possible. Providing familiar terminology, relevant reviews of math concepts needed to apply the terminology, as well as various quizzes and questions to strengthen knowledge, allows each student to understand what is being taught more adequately. If interested in purchasing this textbook, please visit the Wiley Publisher website for more information.